About our stage shows for kids (and everyone else)

Phoenix Swords members mix our skills into stage acts. These 20-minute "slice-of-life" skits are well received by children and adults alike. They can be modified to play for an audience primarily of younger children or the quotient can be shifted for a college performance and other grown-up venues. They are humorous bits containing puppets, props and in most cases-swordplay!

Some Examples:

Don Quixote: Hapless audience members beware! (Cervantes would never survive our rendition.)

Firebird, Russian epic told in less than thirty minutes! (Outrageous!)

Ilya of Murom, the path you take makes all the difference!(Even rocks have something to say)

Saint George and the Dragon: the dragon is certainly the least of the King's troubles in this fractured fairy tale (puppets included)

Peter and the Wolf: er Sheep Story we mean, well you'll just have to see it (sheep off the leash)

Nasrudin: In this adapted Sufi Tale, sometimes it just makes you sit and think...(Some kids are harder than others to get out of the house)

Fox and Cat-only by special request (Searing satire)