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2014 Events

Springfield Libraries Week Two

Springfield Libraries Week One

Community Renaissance Faire

Prince John Medieval Festival


Gulf Coast Renaissance Faire-Fire Show

Gulf Coast Renaissance Faire-Sword Shows


2013 Events

Private Party (Hafla)

Private Party

Private Party

Wheaton Arts Fantasy and Folklore Faire

Silver Kingdoms Renaissance Faire

Mayfaire at the UMass Renaissance Center


Gulf Coast Renaissance Faire


201211 10,11, Gulf Coast Pirate Festival

20121013 Great Hall Fundraiser, University of MA

20121013 Wedding of Dave and Diane

20120812 Saber Workshop

20120805 Rapier and Backsword workshop with Mark Millman

20120623-24 Wheaton Arts Fantasy Faire

20120617-18 Silver Kingdoms Renaissance Faire

20120506 Mayfaire

20120331 ConBust

20120311 Blue and Gold Event

2012 03 3-4 Gulf Coast Renaissance Faire


2011 11 12/13 Mobile Gulf Coast Renaissance Faire

20111001 Autumn in the Park

2011 09 25 Pipes in the Valley

2011 08 German Medieval Festival

2011-08-17 Rock The Dock at Waterfront Mary's

2011-06-25/26 Mystic Realms Fantasy Faire at Wheaton Arts

2011-0529-And when we aren't performing, we're learning! Dagger training with Mark Millman and Jon Reynolds


2011-03 Gulf Coast Renaissance Faire

2011-0212 -Cub Scout Blue and Gold

201011-13/14 Mobile Renaissance Faire


20100925 Pipes in the Valley -Swords, Fire

2010070724 Private Birthday Party

20100721 Harry's Hillside Shows

20100612 New Jersey Medieval Family Festival

20100605 Fantasy and Folklore Festival with Mystic Realms

20100402 - May Faire Renaissance Center, University of MA

201003 - Gulf Coast Renaissance Faire -Historical Show | Fight Show | Fire Show

2100127 -Boy Scout Expo at the DCU

201002-New England Boy Scout Conference, DCU Center


20091211-Toys For Tots

2009011-Mobile Renaissance Faire Fight Show | Stage Acts | Fire Show

20090926 Pipes in the Valley- Historical Show | Fire Show

20090919 Knightly Birthday party

20090613 &14 NJ Family Medieval Festival

20090606-07 Mystic Realms Fantasy and Folklore Festival

200905016-17 St. Gregory Medieval Festival

2009036-7 Gulf Coast Renaissance Faire Gallery 1 (historical, Songs, Candids)

20090222 Cub Scout Blue and Gold Event Leominster, MA

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