Phoenix Swords is not just the clashing blades and boasts. One of our goals is to present historical sword work wrapped into a performance format. We have a Historical Show that includes time periods from the 1300s-1600's with a variety of weapons from Europe. We have worked with individuals from ARMS, Higgins Armory Sword Guild and our customers include the History Channel and Boy Scouts of America. The troupe has performed venues from small church faires up to corporate events. Members have presented at symposia and conferences and continue to study historical treatises and develop new presentations.

We were founded September 1st, 2002 and have received uninanimous positive reviews from employers. (Please see our sister site at to peruse some of these.) A quick look at our performance listing will show we have many repeat customers. We are fully insured and feature video clips of our fights, interviews with our cast and other aspects of the troupe.

This is a measure of the quality of our work.

Please see our price list and contact us for more details.





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