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AF Metalsmith

Artisan Jewelry
working in

Silver, Gold, Copper Alloys, & Other Work
with Precious & Semi-precious Gems, Enamels, & Inlay with Each Piece Individually Handmade


Sunforge Blacksmithing

Many items including knives, axes, whatnot and "basic adventuring gear" in assorted metals. Come see all the great items on display and Michael Coffey will be doing demonstrations throughout the weekend.

Ironwood Artisans

Ironwood Artisans

specializes in fine hand crafted historical items and items based on historical or fantastical themes.

Libertini Leather

Libertini Leather Accessories

Masks, earrings, pins and other accessories fashioned of hand-molded, hand-dyed leather.


Artwork Various Artists-including Andy Volpe, Gwen Khen and others
Claok and Dagger

Cloak and Dagger

Everything for the well-dressed reenactor, distinguished noble, elves, jedi and more...many gorgeous accessories.

Jennifer Surprise

Jennifer Surprise

Hand-made ceramic goods, coasters, boxes, and bowls

Willow's Creatures

Fun, magical friends for everyone! Dragons, turtles, amigurumi and more!

Rowan's Recreations

Rowan's Recreations

Stylish Costumes, fine clothing and needlework, jewelry, wood-burn art and more. Rowan Knightowl will also be doing palmistry.

Resa Nelson

Resa Nelson

Resa has been selling fiction professionally since 1988.  She is also the TV/Movie Columnist for Realms of Fantasy magazine and a contributor to SCI FI magazine.  Her first novel, The Dragonslayer's Sword, was recommended for the Nebula Award, the highest honor in science fiction and fantasy.

Mockingbird Design

Mockingbird Bay

Handmade jewelry inspired by nature, ceramics to warm the heart and watercolor paintings.

Eldyrwood Handcrafters

Eldyrwood Handcrafters

Collection of independent crafters providing hair decorations, leather accessories, crocheted items, jewelry and many more items to discover!

Legendary Leathercrafters

Legendary Leathercrafts

Handmade masks of high quality leather, all independent, unique design.

Cucina Aurora Kitchn Witchery

Cucina Aurora Kitchen Witchery

Kitchen Witches believe in home, family, and the nurturing of those things above all. Home is our sacred place and the kitchen becomes our sanctuary. Kitchenware, books infused oils and mixes.


Xeph Ink

Xephyr & Dave Inkpen
Local, Quality, Affordable... and whimsy.
We have been larping & designing costuming for over a decade. Selling quality celtic costuming & tapestries at fairs since 2008.
Sunday Only


Silvermane/A Tintagels Gate Company

Daggers, Knives, and Throwing Weapons,
Bow, Axe, Spear, War Hammer, Polearm and other Misc. Weapons , Boffer & LARP Weapons,Gifts and Decorations, Jewelry,Leather Goods ,Licensed Replicas, Pirate's Plunder, Books

Cornerstone Creation

Cornerstone Creations

Source for mythical, fantasy, celestial, cultural, pagan and nature inspired concrete home & garden art. With a constantly expanding line of designs and finishes, the options for the perfect fitting art piece are endless.
Sunday Only