Baron's Puppets
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Kids Activities

Baron's Puppets

We have the following for kids and families;

A separate area for kids that is enclosed on three sides and has the following:
Ravyn the Storyteller, Bubble wands and Tubs O Bubbles, play castle tents, a craft activity (when staff is available),

An area inside the Pub for nursing moms

Two separate puppet acts, audience participation needed!

The Guild of Saint Maurice encampment will be open all day for questions and a look at the life of a of a Landsknecht unit. (Mercenaries)

The Traynd Band will have an encampment open to talk about miltary units, pikes and the soldiers of the time period.

Weather permitting-Maze and adventures for kids of all ages

Special "Courier Package" where kids can be part of the court and the story! (ask anyone with an embroidered festival/baronial patch with a firebird)

Michael Coffey, our blacksmith, will be doing demos and creating new pieces throughout the day.

(For adults and kids) "Sketch the baroness" contest with prizes. We will provide some sketch pads but budding artists are encouraged to bring their own...

Trecbuchet firing (both large and small) at select times.

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