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But why put on a faire?

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We'll be back in 2011, July 21 &22 2012!

Back in 2006 Phoenix Swords performance troupe put on a festival at a social club in western Massachusetts combining a German theme and performance. Sadly, this did not work out with the site and weather. In the current economy, many festivals are postponing, cutting back on entertainment or simply closing. We feel this is a terrible shame since some of our happiest memories are of Renaissance Festivals and the local fairs and events. So Phoenix Swords has opted to put on a festival that invites our friends and local community to a decently priced day outside for the family. We have no sponsors, do not seek sheer profit and the troupe is able to share the talents of our friends and performers.


Why this time period? 16th century Germany is one of the best documented for sword manuals, Guild practices and day-to-day life. This will not be an exact recreation of a late 1500's village (for instance we will have indoor facilities) but the spirit of this period will be present. The Baron and Baroness are holding a festival to settle the local disputes and judicial matters. All of the local community has come to do a little business, make a little money and participate in judicial duels. It is coming to the end of such practices but Baronial couple Maltilda and Leopold are traditionalists.

As with the historical events, several sword schools* and students will be present , many local business will be selling wares and the entertainers will be out to make a coin or two. Please join us for our gathering!